Squawk: Search History Noisifier

Creating noise-as-a-service, as an act of civil disobedience, that attacks the ability to profile at-risk groups through search histories.

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When people search for "how do I contact the guardian anonymously", or "gay support services in Nigeria", they might be inadvertently putting themselves at risk.

Squawk: Search History Noisifier adds noise to Google search, to make it harder to discern between real searchers (the signal) and the rest (the noise). This will, perhaps, offer some protection, by giving themplausible deniability.


This will open Google in a new tab, and run through a number of searches.

Things we want to do

  • Add more search strings
  • Alter search strings dynamically, to reduce detectability of the noise


This project was inspired by Ruin My Search History.

The logo was designed by @kattekrab for the main Squawk project.


The squawk source code is © 2016 Ben Dechrai, and made available under the GPLv3.